Jamie Sykes

Bio: I'm a 30 something woman from North Carolina. I love living in NC but I would move to Myrtle Beach, SC, in a heartbeat if I could. I'm married to a ornery, redneck, hillbilly, hooligan. We're complete opposites in some ways but we love each other and make it work. I'm a mother to 2 four-legged babies - Harley Davidson (mini Dachshund) and Rocko Earl (Boxer Lab) - whom I spoil ridiculously. But, hey, that's what they're for, right? I'm a Crohn's Disease survivor and an ileostomy "patient." What's that, you ask? In short, I have a bag. I do not have my large intestine anymore, nor my rectum or anus, so I wear a bag. Yes, I'm young but I'm alive. I'd rather be alive than either dead or sick as Hell, like I was. Any questions, just shoot me an email (mustata.hamfat@gmail.com) I love music. I have a very eclectic taste. If you were to take my iPod, you'd be surprised at what you would find. I love to sing. I may not be the best singer and I may not care that you don't think that I can't sing 😉 I love old TV shows and old movies. I love football and I bleed black & gold - STEELER NATION!! I'm also a Carolina Panthers fan (gotta support the home team!) and a Green Bay Packers fan. I will also pull for the Redskins at times, since that's my husbands team. I also like NASCAR. I am a huge Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fan. I loathe Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson, tho.

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